ADCC 2015 Worlds is taking place this weekend, August 28th, 29th and 30th in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where weigh ins are on the 28th, and matches start the 29th, with semi-finals, finals and absolute happen on the 30th. There will also be two super fights, one between Mario Sperry and Ricardo Liborio, and between Andrew Galvao and Roberto “Cyborg Abreu”.


Women competitors fall into two weight brackets, below 60kg (132.2lbs) and above 60kg. Qualifying Rounds last 10 minutes, where points do not start until after 5 minutes. Finals last 20 minutes where positive points start after 10 minutes and negative points start from the beginning.


-60kg Bracket

+60kg ADCC 2015 World Bracket

Michelle Nicolini, Brazil, ADCC 2013 Winner vs Rikako Yuasa, Japan, Asia & Oceania Trials Winner

Ana Michelle Tavares Dantas,Brazil, 1st South American Trials WInner vs Tammi Musumeci, USA, North American Trials Winner

MacKenzie Dern, USA, Invited vs Kethe Engen, Norway, European Trials Winner

Beatriz Mesquita, Brazil, Invited vs Mayra Mello Mazza, Brazil , 2nd South American Trials Winner

+60kg Bracket

Gabi Garcia, Brazil, ADCC 2013 Winner vs Alison Tremblay, Canada, Invited

Jessica Oliveira, Brazil, 2nd South American Trials Winner vs Marysia Malyjasiak, Poland, Invited

Ana Cordeiro, Brazil, Invited vs Sophia Nordenö, Sweden, European Trials Winner

Fernada Mazzelli, Brazil, 1st South American Trials Winner vs Amanda Santana, USA, North American Trials Winner

A live webcast is available through PPV through the ADCC website by either purchasing Saturday Access, Sunday Access, either for $24.95 or Two Day Access for $39.95. A replay of the matches is included and will be available for viewing until September 15th.