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How to Set Goals You Can Reach

Set yourself up for success by setting your goals the SMART way….

Share your Passion, Share your Jiujitsu

Last night I had the privilege of getting my long time friend of 13 years on the mats with me. I have known Neng since I was 13 years old. He’s an author, Harvard Graduate, Wisconsinite, artist, and most recently a travel vlogger with Neng Now. Neng travels around the world, documenting everything he does,…

EBI 16 — The Female Bantamweights

16 women will be fighting in EBI 16 for the EBI Bantamweight title along with 2 special combat jiu jitsu matches on Sunday June 24th in San Diego, California…

5 Ways to Save Money While Competing

One of the most common questions I get is how I afford to travel to compete so often. I usually laugh it off, and say something like, “I guess I’m just lucky.” The truth is I typically view my travel not as a vacation, but more of a job. I don’t spend more than is…

Three Day Juice Cleanse Recipe

Every few months or so I do a juice cleanse, usually when I’m feeling lethargic and lazy. I’ve found that a juice cleanse helps energize me and helps me with cravings. I will sometimes do a juice cleanse to jumpstart a weight cut for a big tournament. My first attempt I bought a pre-made juice…

My Journey to a New Gym

    At the beginning of October, I made the terrifying and exhilarating decision to once again move across the country, having done so 5 years ago from Wisconsin to Texas. Instead of a hot, dry climate, I was moving to a city known for its rain, Seattle. Less than a month later, I made…

The Brazilians Dominate the Womens Divisions in the First Day at ADCC 2017

The Brazilians dominate the women’s divisions as 6 of the 8 competitors in the semifinals represent Brazil. Read here for a full recap….

2017 ADCC Women’s Division Competitors

The 2017 ADCC World Championships will be held in Finland on September 23rd to 24th. Here are the competitors for the -60kg and +60kg divisions……

Your Mind…Your Best Friend or Your Biggest Enemy?

You can be physically prepared as you’ll ever be but without the correct mindset you have nothing….

EBI 12 Flyweights

This unprecedented event will be the first all female card in jiu jitsu history; 16 women will be competing for the Flyweight Belt at 125 pounds in nogi with same day weigh ins. There will also be a 4 woman Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament on the card in the flyweight division, which allows open-handed strikes when the fight goes to the ground….