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Your Mind…Your Best Friend or Your Biggest Enemy?

You can be physically prepared as you’ll ever be but without the correct mindset you have nothing….

BJJ as a Metaphor for Life; Never Give Up and Never Quit

A few months ago I posted my jiu jitsu story and how it irrevocably changed and improved my life. I recieved an amazing outpouring of support that I truly never expected. I was then recently sent this incredibly awe-inspiring and motivating story from a girl I met through jiu jitsu who was inspired to write…

Sophia Drysdale Interview

Last Sunday, I had the extreme pleasure and honor to sit down and interview, Australia’s first female blackbelt, Sophia Drysdale after attending a seminar with her and Janie Meadows at Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy in Edmond, Oklahoma. For information on the seminar, read here. Sophia began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2002 at the age…