We’ve seen this before with a Finland gym and a nude calendar, and we’re seeing it again with a female grappler posing in sexy, nude pictures, and I’m sure we’ll see it again and again.

Whenever the community sees a female posing like this in a gi, it is always, undoubtably controversial.


Jena Sapinoso, a purple belt under Carlos Sapão residing in San Fransisco, CA has taken revealing pictures in her gi, and the response has been mixed.




The reaction in the community has been mixed. With many criticizing Jena for taking nude pictures in a gi, claiming it will not help women’s jiu jitsu in any sense.

On the BJJPix Facebook, criticisms include:

“Absolutly Stupid .. not necessary at all. Why does she think she needs to do this , and how does this help her jiu jitsu smh.”

“Not a fan of this at all. Sexuality and grappling should be very very separate things.”

“This is probably not going to help the support women’s bjj movement.”

Will taking pictures like this take away from her jiu jitsu game? Is this disrespectful to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Or does she have the right to express herself in any way she wants?

Many others bring light to the hypocrisy of the situation.

On Facebook, one man states. “Wow pretty incredible the criticism I see on this thread.. No one blows up Kyra Gracie for her photo shoots nor do they blow up the hundreds of thousands of men that take pics in gi pants with no tops noooooo”


Is it hypocritical, or do women as we are struggling to become a larger part of the community, need to be held to a higher standard?

While others, want to let women decide on a personal basis what they can and cannot do.

“Forget all these dudes trying to dictate what’s good or not good for women’s bjj. What’s good for women’s bjj is women and what they decide to do or not do is their business not a societal patriarchy that places women on a damaging pedestal. Do your thing ladies, whatever that is.”


I’ll let you decide what to think.



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