Elite Sports Rash Guard Review


I was contacted over Facebook by a Daniel Carlos with Elite Sports to do a gi review, but they currently do not have a gi in my size (A0). I instead agreed to do a rash guard and shorts review. When I received my package inside were two rash guards and no shorts. In the end, I kept the rash guards and declined the review on the shorts. I was sent the Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Rash in black. I recieved the rash guards free of charge, but I have no affiliation with Elite Sports.


Elite Sports 2


Overall, it’s not a rash guard that would normally stand out to me, but the one thing that did catch my eye was the slight V neck. Other than that, it isn’t flashy and the design on the rash guard itself felt generic, completely black and white. It’s fully sublimated which is what I prefer so it won’t crack or fade off. Some may like the simple design that Elite has started with their brand, however others may want something flashier.

Rating: 3/5


The rash guard I was sent was a size small. It was slightly too big around the stomach and they currently do not offer an XS size. It did however fit well around the shoulders, waist and biceps. With the V neck style, I was slightly worried how it would feel, but overall I didn’t notice a difference in the fit, nor did I notice it while training. The material itself felt nice, it wasn’t too thick or too thin. The bottom seam includes a rubber band that helps keep it from riding up which was a nice addition, but I am not sure if it helped that much. This band may help more if the athlete is bigger. As a 115 pound female I am not sure if this size would work well for the smaller athlete, but should work well for those bigger than me.

Rating: 3.5/5

Elite Sports


I haven’t had any frayed seams or build up on the shoulders that rash guards typically get. It has not stretched out and has maintained its original size. I wore it more than once a week for multiple training sessions including gi and no gi to give it a run for its money. I will say it held up well and I was impressed. The colors haven’t faded or got stained from sweat or blood.

Rating: 4.5/5


Final Thoughts

This rash guard retails at $39.99, with fixed shipping at $9.99. With any purchase of $69.99 (the cost of their beginner gi), there is free shipping. This price is fairly competitive as most rash guards retail between $40-$60. With that in mind I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a good training rash guard or beginner rash guard to add to their collection. My only hesitation is for those who are on the smaller side; if you like a more fitted rash guard I would wait until they release an XS, or go with another brand.

Overall Rating: 4/5



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