The last day of the IBJJF World Championship is upon us, and here are the final match ups for the female blackbelt divisions and open class.


Light-Feather  118.0 lbs

Finals: Gezary Matuda vs Rikako Yuasa

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 28, Estimated Time: 2:54pm

Ariadne de Oliveira and Laurence Fouillat will receive third.


Feather 129.0 lbs

Finals: Mackenzie Dern vs Michelle Nicolini

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 29, Estimated Time: 3:06pm

Rematch of the Abu Dhabi Pro 2015

Tammi Musumeci and Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner will receive third.



Light 141.5 lbs

Finals:  Bia Mesquita vs Fabiana Borges

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 30, Estimated Time: 3:18pm

Rematch of the 2013 Pan Ams Lightweight

Nyjah Easton and Angelica Galvao will receive third.


Middle 152.5 lbs

Finals: Luanna Alzuguir vs Luiza Monteiro

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 31, Estimated Time: 3:30pm

Rematch of the 2012 Abu Dhabi Pro

Sijara Eubanks and Monique Elias will receive third.


Medium-Heavy 163.5 lbs

Finals: Andresa Correa vs Ana Cordiero

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 32, Estimated Time: 3:42pm

Rematch of the 2015 Pan Ams

Karen Peterson and Rachel Demara will receive third.



Heavy 175.0 lbs

Finals: Dominyka Obelenyte vs Vanessa Oliveira

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 33, Estimated Time: 3:54pm

Tammy Griego and Leticia Lalli will receive third.

Super Heavy No Weight Maximum

Finals: Alison Tremblay vs Fernanda Maio

Sunday Mat 2, Fight 34, Estimated Time: 4:06pm

Venia Luukkonen will receive third.

Female Blackbelt Open Class

Finals: Dominyka Obelenyte (Heavy) vs Monique Elias (Middle)

Sunday Mat 2, Fight  43, Estimated Time: 5:54pm

Rematch of the 2014 Pan Ams Brown Belt Open Class

MacKenzie Dern (Feather) and Bia Mesquita (Middle) will receive third.

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