The first day of ADCC is over, and it ended with an upset in the -60kg division, and some nasty submissions in both divisions. The semifinal competitors are set, and 6 of the 8 athletes are Brazilian. It is clear to say that the Brazilian are dominating the women’s divisions.

-60 kg Division


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Mackenzie Dern vs Elvira Karppinen

Mackenzie Dern lost in a suprising turn of events to Finland’s 10th planet star, Elvira Karppinen in a 4-2 aggressive match. Both Mackenzie and Elvira were constantly attacking submissions for the entirety of the match with Elvira starting sitting in the beginning to play guard, and Mackenzie looking to attack from the top. Elvira completed a sweep in the last minute and a half to bring the match to 4-2 to secure the win. Mackenzie answered back trying to finish a choke from the omoplata position, but could not secure the finish. With this turn of events, reigning ADCC champion is out of the tournament.

Talita Alencar vs Bianca Basilio

New blackbelt superstar Bianca Basilio had an aggressive performance ending in a victory over Talita Alencar. The regulation match ended scoreless, both athlete’s looking to secure the takedown for the majority of the match except for a small portion when Talita sat down looking to play guard. In the overtime bout, the athletes continue to fight for takedowns, constantly going out of bounds, both Bia and Talita remained scoreless, leaving it to a referees decision in favor of Bia Basilio. Bia will face Elvira tomorrow in the semifinals.

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Michelle Nicolini vs Rikako Yuasa

Michelle Nicolini started the match pulling guard, and for most of the match continued to play guard while Rikako looked to secure the pass, both attacking submissions. Michelle eventually came on top trying to pass at the 2 minute mark after Rikako, and ultimately ended up in turtle at the 1:30 mark after a failed guard pass, and again at the 1 minute mark. Regulation ended up 0-0 ended up going into overtime, where Michelle had a takedown, but did not end up clean or in guard/half guard and was not awarded any points. The overtime ended up scoreless, with Michelle winning by referee’s decision.

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Beatriz Mesquita vs Ffion Davies

England’s newly minted brown belt Ffion Davies showed a lot of heart fighting an armbar for over two and a half minutes in her quarterfinals match, but ultimately got submitted by Bia Mesquita at the 5:02 mark.  Bia knew her game plan, and pulled early on in the match, and then  jumped guard a little over 30 seconds in. From there Bia fought for control of Ffion’s arm, eventually securing an armbar and a victory. Bia will face Michelle in the semifinals tomorrow.


+60 kg Division

Gabi Garcia vs Amanda Santana

Gabi Garcia secured a toehold finish against Amanda Santana in under a minute. Action started early on when Amanda quickly pulled guard twice in the first twenty seconds. The match continued on the ground, with Gabi getting a nasty toehold in 57 seconds, securing her spot in the semifinals tomorrow.

Jessica Flowers vs Maria Malyjasiak

Jessica Flowers had a great first day at ADCC against Maria Malyjasiak. During the first two minutes Jessica and Maria fought for control to secure a takedown, with Jessica tripping Maria to her knees after two minutes, quickly getting back control and ultimately finishing with a quick armbar. Jessica will face Gabi tomorrow in the semifinals, which will be a rematch from the 2015 semis where Jessica beat Gabi.

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Talita ‘Treta’ Nogueira vs Venla Luukkonen

Venla Lukkonen ended up on top early in the match, after defending a takedown from Treta and taking her down. The rest of the match continued on the ground, as positions were reversed several time with many submission attempts. Venla locked ups triangle with a little over three minutes left, with Treta trying to slam her way to an escape twice. Treta eventually escaped with 50 seconds, and regulation ended up scoreless, sending the athletes into an overtime. During overtime Treta eventually secured the takedown with less than thirty seconds, after attempting takedowns the entire overtime, and letting Venla stand back up several times.

Tara White vs Samantha Cook

Samantha Cook got a takedown shortly after two minutes in and Tara White attempted to play deep half while Samantha tried to pass. Tara then started looking for leg locks with six minutes left, with Sam continuing to try to pass. With five minutes, a failed sweep attempt by Tara leaves both athletes on their feet looking for takedowns again. The action went back to the round when Tara’s takedown was defended with a sprawl with three and a half minutes left. The regulation match ended up scoreless, leading to overtime. In overtime a failed takedown attempt left Tara in turtle and eventually in bottom half, which Samantha capitalized on securing a pass to north south with a little over a minute left with the match ending 3-0. Samantha will face Treta in the semifinals.


All ADCC matches can be watched on Flograppling, for those of us who didn’t watch the action live, especially given the time different. Semifinal matches start at 3am central time zone.

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